Meet the team.

In 2014, Shawna Allred was asked if she "Plnned Events"?

Her reply, "I mean, I guess so. I know how to do it but I'm not an official 'Event Planner.'"

This client took the leap and jumped in with a vision to plan an in-person 350 person conference. They nailed! Over the next 7 years, they grew this event together to over 1,000 people in-person with hundreds more joining on Live Stream. As Shawna keeps gettng asked by more and more people that same question of if she "plans events," she finally decided to officially launch RubyKay Productions in 2019.

Working with top industry leaders, coaches, and influencers is our jam!

We commit to creating an experience with excellence. To us... it's all in the details.

Shawna - Founder, Owner, Lead Event Producer

Growing up as a Pastor's kid, Shawna found herseslf behind the scenes helping in weddings, funerals, women's brunches, staff trainings, kids' events/camps, and more. It was just part of being in the church family. Little did she realize, she was picking up the skills of organizing just about every type of event possible.
In high school, she found herself as captain of the cheer team organizing the trip to Nationals across the nation, planning PROM, and multiple half-time shows and assemblies. In college, she oversaw the volunteer team of a mega church and led the coordinating and training of hundreds of volunteers.

In 2000, Shawna was discovered by a Film Director who saw potential in her. She was hired as a Film Producer producing for brands such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, TLC, Baby First TV, and more. Many of her projects received Emmy and Telly awards.

After getting married and starting a family, Shawna decided to calm the crazy producer hours and work for a local high school doing events and extra curriuclar activities. As her kids got older, she enjoyed stepping back into the church/ministry side as Children's Director planning and executing classes, kids' camps, women's retreats, and leadership development.

Shawna most enjoys leading teams and working with leaders, influencers, authors, and industry leaders to raise up powerful Kingdom-minded individuals through the power of events and retreats.

With a degree in Organizational Management with an emphasis in Christian Leadership, Board Certified in Functional Wellness, and Dual-Accredited Certified Social Media Marketing Expert, ... Shawna is able to bring a unique experience in guiding and leading you through your event to best sell your product and serve your attendees.

Angie - Event Coordinator, Graphic Designer

Angie's superpower is helping leaders and entrepreneurs take big ideas they have scribbled down on post-it notes, slips of paper, and napkins, sort them out and bring them to life through visusal design, branding and graphics. With a history in the beauty industry there is nothing she loves more than making things look beautiful for you.

For over 12 years, she's been in both volunteer and sub-contract event planning specializing in retreats. Angie takes the puzzle that is planning events and puts it all together so you can feel relaxed and have some fun.

Matthew - Event Coordinator, Activities Director

Matt is a Certified NASM Personal Trainer, Holistic Fitness Coach, and Corrective Exercise Specialist.

With his love for world travel, adventure and exploration, Matt finds himself off the beaten trail often and pushing himself to new limits. He loves to wear many hats from wannabe DJ, bartender, chef, to hike master. He brings the fun and energy to every event!

He also is a founder of a Men's Retreat called, "Take the Mountain Challenge" in which he leads 50 men in faith, adventure, community, and purpose.

Olivia - Production Assistant

Olivia is our right hand go-to team member for our events. She is like the pin ball in a pin ball machine bouncing around making sure everything is running smoothly, everyone is where they need to be, mic'd up, and ready to hit the stage.

She has a keen eye for detail and problem solving on the spot. She loves people and making vision come to life. As a natural leader and organizer, Olivia doesn't miss a beat.

Whether finalizing the details of your retreat, communicating with keynotes, loading you up with your fave coffeine, setting up the book signing experience, or making sure your hair is on point for selfies... she's on it!


Events are where shift happens!

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